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The Financial Operating System for your business that automates cash


Never let your cash keep you up at night

Full Visibilty

A single place to track your business and your payments. Reduce inefficiencies in invoice reconciliations and accelerate your order-to-cash cycle. Get paid on time, every time!


Immediate settlement.

Open API

Programmatic access to your financial data with support for mobile SDKs.

Bring your ERP

Integrate your ERP with our open APIs to provide end to end automation.

What we do

⚡️Collections and Disbursements

API driven collections - wherever, whenever you need them. Connected to disbursements (coming soon), to power your business in realtime, 24/7.

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Seamless real-time collections with API driven workflows


Integrated disbursement and reconciliation (coming soon)

Do more with your money

Your cash, in your account, instantly means dramatically reduced need for working capital and financing - just as it should be.

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Scale your Business, not your Reconciliation Team

Realtime reconciliation, for incoming and outgoing payments - because the days of counting cash and cheques should be over.

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Fully automated, open 24/7

You business doesn't stop when branches do. Loop makes your banks work for you 24/7.

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The financial operating system that works with cash

Cash should be an asset, not a liability. Loop is the first financial operating system that natively works with cash, in realtime with no compromises.

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