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Financial Operations digitised

Loop helps businesses eliminate inefficiencies in manual financial operations that result in significant working capital savings every month by over 60%.


A holistic approach to FinOps management

Cash deposits on-site

Make collections on premise

and prevent cash leakages


Grow without worrying with

seamless integrations


Customers pay faster with

Loop's early deposit feature

Realtime visibility

Automate routine cash-in-

transit operations


Send invoices and process

high volumes of transactions


Your collections and cash-in-

transit insured

Finally a financial management platform that’s simple,
secure, scalable and cost-effective

Customer Stories

Leading coworking space provider, Daftarkhwan, partners with Loop

Daftarkhwan, a rapidly growing and tech-driven coworking space in Pakistan, provides entrepreneurs with agile workspaces to create and scale businesses. With eight meticulously designed locations, Daftarkhwan offers customised coworking solutions, along with a world-class technology-led experience, including flexible timings, high-speed internet, contemporary interiors, tech-infused coworking halls, and an in-house café.

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Your Cash Deposit Machine in your premises

Financial Management solution that is built for efficiency, scalability and security


Deposit cash through Loop machines from your premise or anywhere you like

Available 24/7 for collections, big and small

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Realtime visibility of all your funds, including cash-in-transit

Save hours and rest assured by automating routine cash-in-transit operations that provide insurance on your collections.

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Process weeks of reconciliation work in minutes

Reconcile high volumes of transactions without growing your workforce by connecting your payables data with banking systems.

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Create, track, and reconcile invoices in seconds

Create invoices in bulk, track invoices in realtime and receive payments from customers in multiple ways, including cash.

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Best in class safety & security

128 bit AES encryption over TLS 1.2 to ensure highest level of data security and safety. Routine audits by third parties to ensure we are always one step ahead of regulators.

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Loop Cash Deposit Machine allows you to safely store your cash on-site and automatically count your cash balance without human error.
Simply follow the on-screen instructions and insert your cash in the Loop machine. You will see a prompt on the Loop machine display once the cash has been successfully received in the LCDM.
Fortunately, Loop accepts all denominations of PKR (10rs, 20rs, 50rs, 100rs, 500rs, 1000rs, 5000rs).
Loop Cash Deposit Machines are equipped with security features that provide bank-grade safety. This means you can rest assured that your cash is as safe in the Loop Cash Deposit Machine as it would be at a bank.
Yes, your cash is 100% insured once it is successfully deposited in the Loop Cash Deposit Machine and also in transit as it makes its way to a bank.
Yes! Loop machines can complete your transactions even when the internet is having technical difficulties. All you have to do is take a picture of the QR code related to a transaction on the Loop machine display and use your smart phone’s network to send it which will complete that transaction instantly.
You will have instant access to the cash deposited in the Loop machine by using Loop’s early cash deposit feature for a small fee. Otherwise you can access your cash deposited in the loop machine that generally operates on a T+1 basis, which means a full day after the day you make the deposit in the Loop machine.
Loop provides dedicated on-site support to clients resolving any technical issue within the hour. You can also submit a claim on Loop’s website for any issues you are having with Loop’s services and if approved a Loop technical expert will get back to you within 24 hours.
At Loop we have built a user friendly software app that seamlessly integrates cash collected from various touchpoints in a time-sensitive manner. This allows you to manage various cash flows in a centralised way through Loop’s dashboard and use Loop’s financial analytics to gain financial insight like never before.
Loop's Cash Deposit Machine , Collections, & Reconciliation services allow you run and reliably manage your cash operations 24/7 which means when you sleep, your business doesn't have to. Loop automates financial cash flows for your business for the entire cash lifecycle so you can focus on what matters most to grow your business - making your working capital work for you.

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