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About Us

Bring Your Bank to Your Business

Loop offers FinOps solutions, designed to give businesses the power to transform their financial operations

Our Mission

Digitizing payment infrastructures

Our journey started with the mission to digitize payment infrastructures and improve cash management for businesses. We recognised gaps in payment infrastructures across emerging markets and developed FinOps solutions to help companies upgrade their payment systems to better connect with their clients.

Driving growth and amplifying impact

Our innovative solutions offer businesses enhanced visibility into payment processes, enabling seamless reconciliation and streamlined invoicing procedures while eliminating discrepancies. With our FinOps solutions, businesses can achieve faster growth and make a bigger impact on their clients.

Our Values

Empowering businesses

Experience unparalleled services that set us apart from the competition. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive unmatched support, tailored solutions, and exceptional value, making us their trusted partner for success.

Seamless integration

Our seamless integration solutions eliminate time-consuming processes, connect systems, and enhance data flow, empowering businesses with increased efficiency and improved decision-making.

Fortified security

We prioritize the highest standards of security, ensuring the integrity of systems and safeguarding sensitive information. With comprehensive policies, robust access controls, and continuous monitoring, we provide a secure environment for your financial operations and regulatory compliance.

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