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An outlook of careers at Loop


March 18, 2022·3min read

Have you been thinking about applying for Loop, but not sure what we have in store for you? We know looking for a new startup online can rather be a challenge, so we decided to make it easier for you. Here, you can find out what careers at Loop have to offer, and get to know about us, our team and the best part – our culture, which makes us different.  

Who are we?

Loop is a fintech startup which is helping businesses across emerging markets to accept cash, with no compromises: building out a unique platform that merges physical and digital infrastructure to allow businesses to seamlessly digitise their cash wherever and whenever they need to. We’re called the Loop since we bring banks closer to businesses seamlessly. We realised that cash management was a potential unsolved struggle with businesses across developing markets, and since the past one year, we have been working aggressively to solve it. We initiated the startup with a small team with big ideas.  What started off as an office with 3 employees with immense passion and drive, has now transformed into a start-up of more than 30 people, located all throughout the globe – and there’s no stopping. 

This immense growth within one year is owed to the businesses that believed in our tech-first approach, but more so because of the people that make the biggest challenges seem easy. We’re an agile start-up that makes quick decisions and deeply believes in consensus. We move ahead with creative solutions when we’re all on board together – just as it should be. Every individual contributes to our brainstorming sessions, discussions and meetings – from the CEO to the new recruit that joined the team a day prior. 

We are different!

We like to work differently. “With Great power (to revolutionise finance) comes great responsibility”, so we’re always on the lookout for great ideas and undiscovered areas of opportunity because we know that the finest ideas come from a fresh perspective. Ideas may seem ambitious at first, but together, we achieve them. We make the innovation process quick – leveraging on our flat hierarchy. When we say we believe in teamwork, we mean it. Everyone on our team is approachable, whether it be walking to their desk, or sending a wave on discord. We’re always there. We rely on collaborative work and make sure we’re backing up every individual to exceed their potential. Every day, when we walk out of our office, we know that we’ve made a change. Careers at Loop are set to make an impact!

If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry because we might be everything but a regular finance company. You should watch out, because when it comes to games, we’re competitive! Whether it be table tennis at lunch time, or after work chai hangouts or basketball Sundays, we make sure we give it all – because that’s what we do best! Not to forget, our cosy lounge and our mini coffee bar within the office is meant to make everyone feel more at home, and that’s exactly what Loop means to us – home.

If this is something that excites you, we’ve got a place for you. All you have to do is reach out to us. 🚀

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