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Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

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August 18, 2022·2min read

Is there a cash deposit machine near me? Ever found yourself searching for Cash Deposit Machines close to your vicinity? You might find yourself looking at the safest and the most convenient way to deposit cash which is then reflected in your bank account as quickly as possible. 


Cash deposit machines are often located inside the closest bank branches, which means bank closing times would also apply to certain machines, making them inaccessible when you might need them. 


This also means that businesses and corporate customers need to plan cash collection and deposit schedules around bank timing. Reversing the role of the bank to make it work for you would be the perfect scenario. 


Why do you need a nearby Cash Deposit Machine?


Accessibility: Having cash deposit machines near you mean that they’re accessible wherever you need them. However, even the closest machines require customers to drive to the nearest location to make deposits – making you wonder if the cash deposit machine near you, is actually near.

• Safety: Why do you or your colleagues need to look for the nearest cash deposit machines? Some prefer nearby locations since they tend to reduce travel time but which in turn minimises the risk of cash handling and transportation. Closer machines mean your cash reaches the bank quicker and more conveniently. But if the nearest CDM’s aren’t really near, does it make your drive with bundles of cash the safest option?

• Self-Service: Between 2020 and 2027, the self-service market share is expected to double. Banks too are rushing to meet emerging customer requirements. This means that tellers which were once essential to complete customer requests are no longer required to be present at the counter. Similarly, self-service cash deposit means you need the service available around the clock. However, this may not always be the case, since some CDMs tend to follow bank opening and closing schedules. Is this the truest essence of self-service?


Can we make cash deposit machines any better?

The perfect cash deposit machine


Typically for corporate clients, the perfect cash deposit machine is:


• Available inside your business, office, warehouse or any workplace. 

• Open 24/7.

•Should be the safest place to store your cash, whether for days, or overnight. 

• Able to process and settle deposits almost instantly.


Make your bank work for you


If you’re looking for cash deposit machines near you, we know where you should be looking. Loop is building the physical and digital infrastructure that helps corporate customers bank with ease. This means that the bank works for your business 24/7.

The Loop machine (CDM) is a tailor-made solution that meets your business needs. We can install the CDM anywhere you want it to be – inside the office, store, warehouse, or dark store. Automated collection and counting means a great deal of time saved and resource utilisation in places that need more brain-power. 


Gain more managerial freedom as safety, security and cash movement is all under control. 


Chat with us today and find how out how you can get one for your business.

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