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Cash in transit services in Rwanda


December 16, 2022·3min read

Cash in transit services in Rwanda

Cash in transit services in Rwanda are similar to those in other countries in that they are used by businesses and organizations to transport large amounts of cash and other valuable items safely and securely. These services are typically provided by private security companies that are licensed and regulated by the Rwandan police.


CIT services typically involve the use of armored vehicles and armed guards to transport cash and other valuables. The guards are trained to handle a range of security threats and to use weapons if necessary to protect the cash and the people transporting it.


One unique aspect of CIT services in Rwanda is the emphasis on customer service and professionalism. Many CIT companies in Rwanda place a strong emphasis on providing high-quality service to their clients, including prompt and reliable transportation of cash and other valuables, as well as friendly and helpful customer service.


In this post, we will take a look at some of the companies that offer cash in transit services in Rwanda.



There are several companies in Rwanda that offer cash in transit services.

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1. IM Bank Group: This bank provides a cash management service that includes cash in transit as part of its business solutions.


2. ISCO: This company offers cash in transit services as part of its range of security solutions.


3. RM Special Vehicles: This company provides cash in transit vans for transporting cash securely.


4. Armoured Cars: This company offers armoured vehicles for use in cash in transit operations.


Overall, CIT services in Rwanda are designed to provide a secure and efficient way to handle and transport large amounts of cash, helping to reduce the risk of theft or loss.


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