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How Loop organizes cash collections and cash in transit with real time visibility


October 21, 2022·5min read

As digitization becomes embedded in our daily lives and culture, most businesses – the ones that seriously care about survival and growth –  are rushing towards making investments in digital transformation, but this action to digitize is not resulting in ROI gains for everyone. To truly experience the returns promised by undergoing a digital transformation, businesses must start from their people and data if they want to revolutionize their operating model. 


From an organization’s perspective, when we talk about cash collections and cash in transit – an especially valuable asset – there is human interaction involved at multiple touch-points. For most organizations that operate predominantly cash based, the human aspect of transformation refers to: where, how, and from whom cash is collected from multiple touch-points; what individuals are responsible for physically transporting cash to a bank; and how soon that cash will be accessible to pay employees, vendors, operating expenses, etc. 


Not having a bird’s eye view of your cash collections and cash delivery in transit is a severe drawback that leaves businesses stuck in the status quo where a significant amount of value remains locked.


This is where Loop steps in. By creating a novel hardware – Loop machine –  and software – Loop App – solution for collections to optimize manual cash based financial operations, Loop offers fast growing businesses the promising technology that can revolutionize their operating model. 




B2B cash collections is a function that has traditionally been rampant with cash leakages and time lags. For example, a business that distributes products to stores which are then sold to consumers that nearly always prefer to pay in cash, makes cash management a serious business challenge. By partnering with Loop, businesses get to use Loop Machines – cash deposit machines  – which can be installed on site – be it distribution warehouses or a chain of grocery stores or simply anywhere you like – to instantly deposit their cash collections safely around the clock. 


Loop machines store the physical assets – cash – and are interlinked with the Loop App which provides real time visibility into the corresponding cash data. This means that permissioned business stakeholders get to have a bird’s eye view of cash collections in realtime and gain insight into spend, cash, and financial resources. 





Loop App can also be used as a standalone product within your business delivery agent network to provide real time visibility into your cash collections. 

Loop App can also be used as a standalone product within your cash pickup and cash delivery agent network to provide real time visibility for the entire cash management process – cash collection, cash pickup, cash delivery, and cash delivery in transit. By working with Loop, businesses can view a list of regulated cash in transit services, use the feature ‘cash delivery service near me’, and book a CIT vehicle service for money transport right from the Loop App. Fast growing businesses can access real time visibility on their cash in transit and can even track their cash delivery in transit in real time via google maps. Fast growing businesses can handle increased cash in transit (CIT) demand, receive, and review cash in transit requests from hundreds of users in real time.


Moreover, permissioned business stakeholders can review requests, update pickup and drop-off timings on terms convenient for both the business stakeholder and the client. Loop allows businesses to track and complete cash in transit operations, manage differences and upload deposit slips. Businesses can conveniently view the entire history of completed orders. 


Another convenience that Loop offers organizations seeking a successful digital transformation is through Loop’s web and mobile APIs that make integrations with existing systems and processes seamless organization-wide. Loop’s plug and play APIs for mobile and web let you track your requests, progress, and completed orders in real time. 


Built from the ground up with bank-grade security and safety in mind, Loop Machines and Loop App regularly undergo third party safety and security audits. 




Fast growing startups such as Jugnu and large distributors such as Unified are working with Loop and have revolutionized their cash collections and cash in transit operating models through people and data. 


Emerging from Pakistan, Loop has won the hearts of over a dozen businesses with their novel financial operations solution with hardware – Loop machine – and software – Loop App –  interconnectivity that has empowered incumbents to optimize their cash collections and cash delivery in transit operations. By partnering with Loop, organizations are able to level up their operating models from manual financial operations – cash collection, cash pickup, cash delivery, cash delivery in transit – to data driven financial operations that provide real time visibility – empowering businesses to improve employee efficiency and relationships, foster better relationships with business partners, suppliers, and vendors, and realize growth in working capital month-over-month.


Loop is expanding into international markets to empower fast growing B2B businesses by transforming their manual cash management operation to a data driven technology-enabled solution that digitizes cash management and provides access to financial analytics in real time.


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