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April 28, 2022·7min read

Cash on delivery (COD) is a payment method that is often used in emerging markets, where consumers prefer to pay in cash. In a COD transaction, the recipient of a product or service pays for the goods at the time of delivery, rather than in advance. This can be a convenient option for businesses that want to receive payment at point of sale, but it can also present some challenges.


One of the main challenges of COD is managing the payment process. This can require additional resources to track COD orders and reconcile any discrepancies. It can also lead to delays in the delivery process, as the payment must be collected at point of sale.


Players in the cash on delivery (COD) lifecycle

The customer is the recipient of the product or service and is responsible for paying for the goods at the time of delivery.

The business is the provider of the product or service and is responsible for fulfilling the order and arranging for delivery.

Product delivery person
The delivery person is responsible for delivering the product or service to the customer and collecting the COD payment.

Payment processing team
The payment processing team is responsible for reconciling COD payments and ensuring that all payments are properly accounted for.

Delivery agent network
People responsible for delivering cash from points of sale to on-site.

As the ultimate destination of cash collections is a bank, a bank is involved in depositing and processing, and crediting cash collections.

If the business is using COD to pay its suppliers, they will also be part of the COD lifecycle.


Each of these players plays a role in the COD process, and it is important for them to work together effectively in order to ensure smooth and efficient COD transactions. Managing the COD process manually creates inefficiencies and becomes very difficult to manage.


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Drawbacks to managing cash on delivery (COD) manually

Manually tracking COD orders and reconciling payment discrepancies can be time-consuming, especially if the business handles a large volume of COD transactions.

Prone to errors
Manual processes are more prone to errors and mistakes, which can lead to incorrect payments, disputes with customers, and other issues.

Manually managing COD can be inefficient, as it requires a lot of manual effort and may involve multiple steps, such as collecting cash payments from multiple locations and processing it manually.

Limited scalability
Manual COD management can be difficult to scale as the business grows, as it requires a lot of manual effort and may not be able to keep up with increased demand.



Benefits of digitising cash on delivery (COD)

Automated payment process 
Software and other tools can be used to automate the COD payment process, reducing the time and effort required to manage COD transactions.

Tracking COD orders
Technology can be used to track COD orders, allowing businesses to monitor the status of COD payments and identify any issues or discrepancies.

Improved communication 
Technology can be used to improve communication between businesses and customers, making it easier to manage COD transactions and resolve any issues that may arise.

Enhanced security 
Technology can be used to enhance security in COD transactions, such as by using secure payment tracking and implementing fraud prevention measures.

Increased scalability
By automating the COD process, businesses can more easily scale their operations as they grow, without having to invest in additional resources to manage COD payments manually.

Improved efficiency 
Digitizing COD can help to improve efficiency by automating the payment process and reducing the need for manual tracking and reconciliation.

Reduced errors
By using technology to manage COD payments, businesses can reduce the risk of errors and mistakes that can occur with manual processes.

Improved customer experience 
Digitizing COD can make the payment process easier and more convenient for customers, leading to a better overall customer experience.


By utilizing technology, businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their COD practices, making the process easier and more convenient for both the business and its customers. Digitizing COD can help businesses to save time, reduce errors, improve security, and enhance the customer experience, while also enabling them to scale more easily.



Strategies for optimizing COD for B2B transactions

Clearly communicate COD terms
Make sure that your customers understand the COD terms, including any fees or charges that may apply. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

Use technology to streamline the process
Use software or other tools to track COD orders and manage the payment process. This can help to reduce the time and effort required to manage COD transactions.

Establish a clear process for handling COD payments
Develop a system for collecting COD payments, including procedures for verifying the validity of the payment and reconciling any discrepancies.

Train your staff
Ensure that your staff is familiar with the COD process and can handle COD payments efficiently.


By following these strategies, you can optimize COD for your B2B transactions and ensure that the process is smooth and efficient for both you and your customers.



Digital solution for managing cash on delivery (COD) and cash in transit (CIT)

B2B  businesses that receive large amounts of cash on delivery transactions as part of their daily operations should seriously consider digitising their cash collection process. By working with Loop, businesses get to use Loop Machines – smart cash deposit machines built with bank-grade security  – which can be installed on site – be it at points of sale, or distribution warehouses, or a hub, or simply anywhere you like – to instantly deposit their cash collections safely around the clock.

Loop machines store the physical assets – cash – and are interlinked with the Loop App which provides real time visibility into the corresponding cash data. This means that permissioned business stakeholders get to have a bird’s eye view of cash collections in realtime and gain insight into spend, cash, and financial resources. Moreover, each deposit transaction made in loop deposit machines by people in the agent delivery network is trackable which makes reconciling a smooth operation. Loop machines have an easy-to-use digital interface which requires minimal prior knowledge to operate, making it easy for your staff to quickly learn and use the deposit machines without difficulty.  Fast growing businesses can handle increased demand by digitising COD – secure cash in smart deposit machines, track each deposit transaction and reconcile easily, efficiently, and accurately, and scale operations. 


Loop App can also be used as a standalone product within your cash pickup and cash delivery agent network to provide real time visibility for the entire cash management process – cash on delivery/cash collection, cash pickup, cash delivery, and cash delivery in transit. By working with Loop, businesses can view a list of regulated cash in transit services, use the feature ‘cash delivery service near me’, and book a CIT vehicle service for money transport right from the Loop App. Fast growing businesses can access real time visibility on their cash in transit and can even track their cash delivery in transit in real time via google maps. Fast growing B2B businesses can handle increased cash in transit (CIT) demand, receive, and review cash in transit requests from hundreds of users in real time.


Moreover, permissioned business stakeholders can review requests, update pickup and drop-off timings on terms convenient for both the business stakeholder and the client. Loop allows B2B businesses to track and complete cash in transit operations, manage differences and upload deposit slips. Businesses can conveniently view the entire history of completed orders. 


Digitising cash management for fast growing businesses that handle large amounts of cash as part of their daily operations can be a game-changer – automated payment process, tracking COD orders, improved communication, enhanced security, increased scalability, improved efficiency, reduced errors, and improved customer experience . Find out how you can work with Loop to digitise your cash management process and scale your business.    

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