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September 13, 2023·3min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, emerging markets are experiencing a transformative journey powered by the adoption of mobile-based financial solutions. What began with telecom giants like Vodafone (Mpesa) and Airtel (Airtel Money) has swiftly become the primary avenue for driving financial inclusion, especially in regions like Africa.


Why is Fintech Thriving in Emerging Markets?

Fintech is thriving in emerging markets for several compelling reasons. Firstly, traditional banking infrastructure often struggles to reach remote areas, leaving a significant portion of the population without access to banking services. Fintech bridges this gap by providing accessible and convenient digital financial services.

At the heart of this remarkable transformation are the unsung heroes, the Cash-in/Cash-Out (CiCo) systems. These systems play a dual role: facilitating cash deposits and withdrawals while enabling customers to seamlessly top up their mobile wallets and access funds when needed.


Understanding CiCo Systems

Cash-in/Cash-Out (CiCo) systems form the backbone of financial transactions in emerging markets, where physical cash still dominates. They act as the bridge connecting traditional cash-based economies with the ever-expanding realm of digital financial services.


Why are Mobile Banking Services Important?

Mobile financial services hold paramount importance in emerging markets. These services do not require users to possess a traditional bank account, only a mobile phone. This accessibility empowers individuals who were previously excluded from the formal financial system to engage in digital transactions, savings, and investments.


The Core Functionality

At its core, CiCo systems provide individuals and businesses with a streamlined way to transition between cash and digital money. These systems encompass an array of access points, which may include human agents, ATMs, and bank branches, strategically positioned to facilitate the conversion of cash into digital currency and vice versa.


Payment Solutions for Emerging Markets

Emerging markets require payment solutions that are agile, accessible, and secure. Mobile-based payment solutions, like mobile wallets and digital financial apps, have gained immense popularity. These solutions offer users the flexibility to make transactions, even without a traditional bank account.


Coexisting with Digital

Remarkably, CiCo systems do not signify the eradication of cash; instead, they foster coexistence. Even as digital transactions surge, the demand for cash remains resilient in many countries, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between digital and cash transactions.


Emerging Markets in Banking

Emerging markets in banking refer to economies that are in the process of rapid growth and development. These markets often feature a large unbanked or underbanked population and limited access to traditional banking services. The emergence of digital financial solutions is transforming these markets, offering financial inclusion to millions.


Insights from Global Data

A closer look at global data reveals a fascinating trend: even as digital transactions surged, the demand for cash remained robust. This underscores the interdependent relationship between digital and cash transactions. They don’t just coexist; they thrive together.


CiCo Infrastructure Growth

This intricate relationship between cash-handling infrastructure and the adoption of digital financial services is intriguing. It varies from one country to another, with some nations seeing growth, others plateauing, and a few experiencing a decline in CiCo infrastructure.


CiCo’s Role in Developing Financial Markets

The underlying principle is clear: as digital financial products gradually digitise various transactions, CiCo points become instrumental in encouraging more people to embrace these services.


The Transition to a Digital Economy

In essence, a full transition to a digital economy occurs when most income and expense-related transactions are digitised, significantly reducing the need for physical cash.


CICO Networks: Cornerstones of Expansion

This process underscores the indispensable role played by convenient, reliable, and trustworthy CiCo networks in expanding and deepening digital financial services in developing financial markets.


The Bridge to Financial Inclusion

As financial ecosystems evolve, CiCo points serve as gateways for new customers to enter the digital financial landscape, ultimately contributing to broader financial inclusion and a more resilient financial ecosystem.


The Future with Loop

As emerging markets strive for greater financial inclusion, automated cash-handling solutions like Loop’s Cash Deposit Machines play a crucial role.

Learn more about Loop’s cash management solutions by getting in touch with us.

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