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Unified Distributors Reduce Working Capital requirement by 20% with Loop

Unified is one of the biggest certified distributors for Coca-Cola Pakistan. With an expansive distribution fleet, Unified has been serving small and medium sized retailers for over two decades. Currently, they manage the entire product portfolio and cater to retailers operating in the northern region of Pakistan.

Challenge for Distribution Networks

Across this network of over 3500 retailers , payments for deliveries are almost exclusively received in cash. Every single bill of currency then must be counted, sorted, accounted for and then finally deposited into bank accounts during banking hours - imposing very substantial direct and indirect costs on the business.

Unified was looking for a solution that would help make cash collection quicker.
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Coca-cola optimised cash operations with automated payment collections at their warehouses.

Loop Machine

Coca-cola digitised transactions in-house, with Loop's Cash Deposit Machines installed in all of their warehouses


Loop activated two Cash Deposit Machines within Unified’s warehouses in Lahore and Islamabad which automated cash handling and provided real-time tracking.

Unified uses Loop Machines and the Loop platform to completely automate and digitize cash payments at the point of aggregation. This pushes the digitisation of all cash and cash ops down to collection agents, ensuring real-time accountability and observability.

Unified scaled up across 100% of their warehouse locations, within 15 days of their first operations with Loop.

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Quick cash management

20% Reduction in Working Capital

Realtime digitisation reconciliation and settlements enhanced visibility and limited the need for daily working capital by 20%.

70% Faster Access to Finances

With Loop's digitisation and cash handling services, the business takes better decisions for payments and investment.

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