B2B cash and invoice management software - Collection

Maximize convenience with multimodal collections, inhouse.

One platform to accept collections across multiple channels, from cash to digital funds, we’ve got it all covered. Add collection channels as your business expands. Make multimodal collections instantly, anywhere, anytime.

Multi-modal collections tailored for your business

Seamless Collections

Accept seamless payments and across channels - all while managing risk at scale. Convert cash to digital instantly

Adaptable Modes

Accept new payment methods (cash, digital or cheque) and simplify processes for all parties. Grow your startup as it should!

Omnichannel Payments

Integrate online and offline payments in one platform. Deliver consistent experience to your clients and customers

Work Smarter , not harder

Track, manage and forecast incoming and outgoing cash. Make smarter strategic decisions and grow your business.


Make your working capital work for you

Recieve secure payments, offline and online

Accept payments as cash, cheque or digital payments at scale and ensure safe storage - all inhouse.

Time is money – Speed up with Digitized Counting

Automate counting, sortings and never settle cash differences again. Free up resources and staff and maximize efficiency.

End the struggle with automated reconciliation

Swiftly settle accounts and be confident. Skip the queues! Increase transparency, eliminate fraud, and free up resources.

Financial stack built to fuel growth

Loop Machine

Digitize transactions in-house with Loop's Cash Deposit Machines. Make your bank work for you 24/7.

Start automating collections today